Yennora Sub Floor Ventilation

We install subfloor fans below suspended timber and concrete floors of homes, buildings and heritage structures. With our 15+ years experience, you can be sure that the subfloor vent systems will operate efficiently and that they will last for many years (our installations come with a 5-year warranty).

Yennora sub floor ventilation

Our tailored solutions here at Extract Air include mechanical ventilation exhaust inline fan systems, mechanical ventilation intake fans, high flow cement mesh vents, louvered grill vents and heritage vents.

Customers choose us because our solutions and installations are:

Through the years we’ve installed underfloor ventilation systems for homes, apartments, commercial buildings and heritage structures. We start with an assessment and determine the state of subfloor moisture and its causes. Then, we design a tailored system that maximises cross flow ventilation while achieving efficiency.

Whether it’s an existing building or a new construction, we can design an appropriate system that helps prevent rising damp problems (that often lead to sanitary and structural issues later on). This improved subfloor moisture control has helped keep the premises smelling fresh, reduce the risk of mould growth in and around the floor space and protect the building’s structural integrity (by reducing the risk of cracked walls and warped timber).

More importantly, the occupants are protected because the air circulating is always fresh. Indoor air quality is improved and that staying indoors will always be healthy and pleasurable. Mould growth is better controlled and that fresh air always comes in and stale air is regularly expelled out. Although it happens in the foundations and under the floors, this is still an effective and quiet way to improve indoor air quality.

Contact us today here at Extract Air if you want to protect your home or building from rising damp and condensation problems. With better control of the subfloor moisture, your asset is better protected. Our service area includes residential and commercial locations at or near The Iconic – Fulfilment Centre, Woolworths Yennora Distribution Centre, Dursley Rd, Loftus Rd, Pine Rd, Yennora Distribution Centre – Stockland, Kiora Cres, Boola Ave, Orchardleigh St, Verona School and Knight Park.