Wollongong Sub Floor Ventilation

The Gong is just starting because of the planned property developments. Expect rapid changes to come in the coming years because of residential and commercial boom in Wollongong’s different areas.

Right now Wollongong is a great place because of the extensive cycleways and beachside buzz (plus the Keira Street ‘eat street’). Walking between the Wollongong City Beach and the North Wollongong Beach feels like it’s all worth it. Even the journey going to Wollongong from Sydney is a pleasurable experience.

Because of Wollongong’s present treats and a very promising future, residential and commercial structures are staying and sprouting here and there. Structural assets are multiplying here and it’s just practical to protect and preserve them for the long term.

Wollongong sub floor ventilation

One great way to maintain structural integrity is through the installation of sub floor ventilation fans. This is important because moisture and damp buildup can cause timber floors to expand and get warped (as well as timber decay and cracked walls). More importantly, lack of ventilation in the sub floor area encourages mould growth and termite infestation. Respiratory health risks should be eliminated immediately to protect the health of tenants and families.

Here at Extract Air for 15+ years we’ve been installing a range of mechanical exhaust fans, mechanical ventilation intake fans, high flow cement mesh vents, louvered grill vents and heritage vents. These are designed for the harsh Australian climate and environmental conditions so rest assured they’ll be functional for a long time. In addition, these fans and ventilation solutions have low running costs and operate under negligible noises and vibration.

With our cost-effective subfloor ventilation solutions you can better protect your residential and commercial building from insidious threats. Moisture buildup and damp don’t immediately damage properties but when they do (just give them enough time and opportunity), you’ll be forced to shell out thousands of dollars in costly repairs, replacements and renovations.

Timber decay, cracked walls and warped floors can compromise your asset and decrease its value. More importantly, tenants and families are at risk because of mould growth. Don’t let that happen and if we can install subfloor ventilation fans, your asset can still be saved and protected from insidious threats.

Contact us today here at Extract Air and we’ll install cost-effective solutions appropriate for your property. We can then assess your property with a no-obligation written quote. This only requires small effort and investment compared to the value of your property.