Warrawee Sub Floor Ventilation

Timber decay, cracking of walls, condensation, mould growth, rising damp and termite damage are expensive problems. One way to better protect your home or building from those problems is by having a properly designed underfloor ventilation system.

Warrawee sub floor ventilation

For more than 15 years, we’ve been installing subfloor ventilation systems in homes, buildings and heritage structures throughout the Upper North Shore and all over Sydney. Through the years, our expert solutions have resulted in the following:

Our system of long-lasting fans, ducts and vents effectively regulates moisture levels below suspended timber and concrete floors. This benefits the entire home or building because any problem with the foundation will eventually appear or get magnified through the walls, floors, ceilings and overall structure.

Customers always get the best value and highest ROI from our expert solutions because:

It’s a quiet, passive and practical solution to preventing costly structural problems such as timber decay. Through the years, our customers have been able to save thousands of dollars because of our installations that effectively regulate moisture levels in the building foundations.

If we want to truly save money in the long term, it’s always best to protect what we have right now. This includes our homes and buildings we manage or live in. One way to accomplish that is by having a passive and always-reliable underfloor ventilation system.

Contact us today and the Extract Air team will help you save money through a cost-effective subfloor vent system. We’ll start with a free no-obligation assessment so that we can design a tailored solution for you. Our service area includes residential and commercial locations at or near Sainty Reserve, Bangalla St, Harrington Ave, Hastings Rd, Eulbertie Ave, Blytheswood Ave, Berilda Ave and Mitchell Cres.