Wareemba Sub Floor Ventilation

We install tailored subfloor vent and fan systems in residential, commercial and heritage structures. Our solutions have been effective in preventing costly structural problems and better controlling the levels of rising damp, condensation and mould growth.

Wareemba sub floor ventilation

Our vents, fans and exhaust systems come with a 5-year warranty to give you peace of mind. These are also built to last long and continue operating because they were tested against Australia’s harsh climate and environmental conditions.

For more than 15 years we’ve been designing and installing tailored underfloor vent systems in Sydney. Through those years we’ve helped asset managers prevent the following:

Our low-cost solutions have been working quietly to protect the structural integrity of several assets across Sydney. We also have energy-saving solutions that offer adequate protection. This way, asset managers can get the highest ROI and gain peace of mind about their asset’s integrity for years to come.

Everything will be quiet and smooth because the fans and vents introduce minimal vibration and noise. The entire system will fade into the background while quietly doing an amazing job at regulating the moisture level below the suspended timber and concrete floors. The result is better indoor air quality as well as lower contraction and expansion activities of the timber material.

Our subfloor vent solutions are effective in regulating moisture levels in laundries, bathrooms, wardrobes, entryways and other susceptible areas. This in turn protects the entire structure from timber warping decay, cracked walls and other structural problems in the walls, floors and ceilings.

Contact us today if you want to prevent those problems and gain the highest ROI. We will first study the site and its moisture levels and risks. Then we will come up with a tailored solution and a no-obligation quote fit for your requirements.

We service the entire Wareemba including residential, commercial and heritage structures around Wynston Parade, Hampden Rd, Wareemba St, Hill St, Gartfern Ave, Coralie St, Kirrang St and Edenholme Rd.