Wakeley Sub Floor Ventilation

We can install a quiet and cost-effective vent system below the suspended timber or concrete floor of your building. Our team with 15+ years of technical experience can ensure optimal protection against rising damp, timber decay, warped and expanded timber floor, cracked walls, musty smells and harmful mould growth.

Wakeley sub floor ventilation

We have installed subfloor fan and vent systems in residential and commercial structures, including new builds and undergoing renovations. Our team has also installed such systems for heritage buildings (tailored solutions according to existing conditions and your specific requirements).

We tailor the solution and installation according to the results of our assessment (e.g. presence of rising damp and other moisture-related issues). Here at Extract Air we also come up with energy-saving solutions to further increase the ROI for our customers. This way, our systems will be a quiet worthwhile investment that helps lengthen the structure’s lifetime and prevent costly structural repairs.

Extract Air has become the clear choice because our solutions have:

With excellent moisture resistance and long service life, our fans and vent systems are able to successfully protect property assets against fluctuating and abnormally high moisture levels.

Our vents and fans are specifically designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate and environment. Most likely there will be no need for repair or replacement for years to come. In case a problem occurs, our 5-year warranty will most likely cover that.

Through the years, our solutions have helped protect both modern and heritage structures from rising damp, condensation and other moisture-related concerns. More importantly, our solutions have also helped improve and maintain good indoor air quality. As a result, property asset owners and managers as well as the occupants have benefited from our service through the years.

Contact us today here at Extract Air if you require a cost-effective subfloor fan and vent system for your property asset. You will benefit from our 15+ years professional experience and our tailored approach to getting things done. Our service area includes the entire Wakeley including residential and commercial structures at or near Mary MacKillop Catholic College, Mallacoota St, Innisfail Park, Bathurst St, Cloncurry Pl, King Park 1, Kembla St, King Park Public School and Leicester St.