Waitara Sub Floor Ventilation

If you’re worried about timber decay, rising damp, mould growth and other moisture-related problems and you want to better protect your home or building, contact us today here at Extract Air. We will install an efficient ventilation system below your suspended timber or concrete floor.

Waitara sub floor ventilation

Customers in Upper North Shore often choose us because of the following:

Our customers get the highest savings and ROI because of our expertise and tailored installation. Whether it’s a residential, commercial or heritage building, we tailor the installation and make it appropriate for the structure (e.g. we have both modern and heritage vents).

Through the years, our cost-effective installations have resulted in the following:

We install energy-efficient mechanical ventilation exhaust inline fan systems as well as mechanical ventilation intake fans, high flow cement mesh vents, louvered grill vents and heritage vents. The entire system lasts long and requires no maintenance.

It’s a passive and cost-effective solution to protecting your home or building from persistent moisture-related problems. And with a long service life and long warranty, you will get the highest ROI from our tailored solutions.

We’re always able to deliver the best results because we start with a thorough assessment of the home or building. We note the present moisture conditions and the installed ventilation system. Then, we create a design that will ensure maximum crossflow under the suspended timber or concrete floor.

Contact us today for a free no-obligation assessment. Our service area includes residential and commercial areas at or near Wentworth Ave, Mark Taylor Oval, Balmoral Gardens, Yardley Ave, Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Cathedral and Marillian Ave.

If you want to protect your home or building from costly repairs and you want to improve indoor air quality, a properly designed underfloor ventilation system is a smart and practical solution.