Wahroonga Sub Floor Ventilation

A tailored underfloor ventilation system can help better protect your home or building from expensive timber decay, rising damp, mould growth, condensation and other moisture-related problems. This can also help improve indoor air quality and protect the occupants’ respiratory health.

Wahroonga sub floor ventilation

Here at Extract Air, we can install a tailored underfloor ventilation system in your home, building or heritage structure you manage. You’ll benefit from our 15+ years of technical experience and updated knowledge about building standards and ventilation systems.

Through the years, our tailored solutions have resulted in the following:

As a result, through the years our customers have gained the highest ROI. That’s because our system of fans, ducts and vents effectively expel stale air from building foundations. This system also maximises cross flow ventilation in that area.

Customers in Wahroonga and Upper North Shore often choose us because:

Our 5-year warranty demonstrates how confident we are in our solutions. That’s because each part and component of the ventilation system lasts long and is designed to endure harsh Australian climate and environmental conditions.

If you want to save money in the long term by preventing premature wood rot and costly structural repairs, contact us today here at Extract Air and we’ll design an optimal underfloor ventilation system for you. We’ll first thoroughly assess your home or building and determine the current moisture-related problems in the site. This way, we can come up with an optimal design for your home or building.

We can do the assessment wherever you are in Wahroonga, including locations at or near Spurgin St, Carrington Park, Junction Rd, Claude Cameron Grove, St Leo’s Catholic College, Koora Ave, Frances O’Brien Dog Park, Sydney Adventist Hospital, Keral Ave and Thinway Park.