The Dangers Of A Damp Floor


A damp floor or underfloor must be taken seriously as it will lead to a number of serious issues. The sooner the problem is resolved the better.

How You Get A Damp Floor

There are several ways moisture can get into the underfloor areas of your home and cause dampness. A leak that has gone unnoticed will make its way to the lowest point in your home. The longer any residual water is left to stew, the worse the dampness will get. Flooring stains can be indicative of a damp floor problem. Of course, a leak can also refer to rainwater getting in through cracks in your home. The same problems and evidence will materialise in this setting.

A second way that dampness can build up underneath floor areas is if there is inadequate ventilation under the floor. The absence of ventilative shafts causes humid air to build up because the underfloor space gets warm and the moisture eventually evaporates into your floorboards. The longer the bad ventilation continues, the bigger the damp problem will be.

The Dangers of a Damp Floor

Understanding how your underfloor has become damp is key to solving the problem, but it’s worth identifying the dangers and how they may impact your health and safety.

Firstly, one of the biggest issues in that setting is that damp warm spaces attract bacteria. Bacteria can breed and evolve to become mould. Mould releases spores which float around your home. These, when inhaled, can cause respiratory issues and other health concerns. Reactions to mould can be especially severe if one already has existing allergies.

Secondly, structural issues can arise over time if a damp underfloor is left to its own devices. Wet rot can manifest and the wood underneath your home will disintegrate. Stepping on a mouldy spot can result in a foot going entirely through the floor which is expensive to fix and extremely dangerous.

Furthermore, structural issues can become more serious than a hole in the floorboards is when underfloor dampness is present. The foundations of your home can be penetrated by dampness and start to weaken. This can cause movement of your house and changes to its overall structure. Cracks in the walls can start to appear and part of the house might sink and potentially destroy a section.

An Easy Remedy Is Available

Damp underfloors can easily be controlled by use of subfloor ventilation systems. By installing vents and possibly fans underneath the ground level of your house, you create a cross breeze that removes build up of dampness underneath the home. The results are evident very soon after the subfloor system is installed and your home will enjoy a longer lifespan.

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