The Benefits of SubFloor Ventilation Systems


What Is Subfloor Ventilation?

Subfloor ventilation is a system of ventilation shafts that provide cross flow ventilation underneath residential homes. Doing this helps to alleviate rising damp air and other problems caused by subfloor moisture. Subfloor ventilation kits are installed on the outside of homes, beneath floor level and are placed opposite one another. Sometimes fan systems are used to help facilitate the flow of air beneath the floor area of a home.

A subfloor ventilation installation provides several benefits to living quality that we have described below in this article.

How Does Subfloor Ventilation Work?

In most residential scenarios there is little to no air flow beneath the house. This can lead to the growth of mould which can cause respiratory problems. It can also lead to rising damp which can damage structures and also pose health risks to occupants. Musty smells and the presence of stale air are often present without the installation of subfloor ventilation.

Without passive vents systems in place, residential homes tend to become stuffy and have a damp smell at certain times of year. This is especially evident in seaside homes close to the humid sea breeze.

By placing vents on the outside of the house, beneath the floor level, a cross breeze is allowed to freshen the underside of the house. This cross breeze can be further assisted by the presence of a fan installed adjacent to the vent. The fan provides additional power to the breeze that removes subterranean moisture.

What Are The Benefits of A Sub Floor Ventilation System?

The benefits of sub floor ventilation fans are many. One simply cannot put a price on the allure of a fresh home that doesn’t sustain high moisture beneath its floors. What’s more, the health benefits are manifold and involve significant benefits to respiratory health.

The structure you live in will undoubtedly sustain itself for longer too if there is no risk of the property sustaining damage from underground moisture. Floorboards and wooden infrastructure won’t warp and wooden cupboards won’t sustain mould growth in the presence of wetness.

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