Tempe Sub Floor Ventilation

If you own or manage an asset near the Princes Highway, Sydenham or St Peters, you want it to last long and have minimal expenses on its maintenance or repair. One way to do this is by having a practical and cost-effective sub floor ventilation system.

Tempe sub floor ventilation

Warped and expanded timber floors plus cracked walls, paintwork and brickwork are expensive to fix. During the repair this also means lost income because the asset can’t be used for business.

Here at Extract Air we help prevent that costly downtime and repair. With our tailored underfloor ventilation solutions, you protect your asset from insidious threats such as warping, expansion and cracking of the walls and floor surfaces.

Asset managers and property owners and developers choose our team because:

Aside from costly structural repairs, another serious problem is about our respiratory health. Uncontrolled moisture levels in the subfloor promote mould growth, which in turn might release biotoxins that harm the lungs especially those with an already compromised immune and respiratory systems.

It’s our responsibility to protect ourselves from threats both visible (compromised and potentially collapsing structures) and invisible (mould and their biotoxins). Here at Extract Air, we  also do our part by providing effective ventilation systems that regulate moisture and help control condensation and mould growth.

Whether it’s new construction or an existing home, apartment or commercial building, we can design a solution that best fits the structure’s risk profile and aesthetics. We can also design a long-term money-saving system (we can make the subfloor fans to work on set times). You have several options to choose from and we are here to help you come up with an optimal solution.

Phone us today at 0405 343 999 if you want to protect your asset from rising damp, condensation, expansion and warping. The Extract Air will first start with a free on-site assessment.