Summer Hill Sub Floor Ventilation

Many Summer Hill homes, places of worship (St Patrick’s Catholic Church, St Andrew’s Anglican Church, Wong Tai Sin temple), schools (Trinity Grammar School, Summer Hill Public School) and businesses along Lackey and Smith Streets have a long rich history from a few decades to over a century. The buildings and even our own homes have a lot of stories to tell just by looking at them.

Summer Hill sub floor ventilation

But it’s a nasty story to tell if we can see cracked walls and warped and expanded timber floors. Uncontrolled moisture levels below suspended timber and concrete floors result to continuous contraction and expansion which compromises the structure’s integrity.

If you want to better protect your property or the asset you manage, a practical solution is to have a modern subfloor ventilation system such as what we provide and install here at Extract Air. Our team has already installed heritage vents, louvered vents, high flow vents and other solutions for our clients in Summer Hill and the surrounds.

Those clients choose us because:

Aside from structural integrity, it’s also about the occupants’ health. Musty smells and mould growth can compromise people’s respiratory health, especially children, elderly and those with compromised immune systems. But with an effective subfloor ventilation system, you help safeguard their health.

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