Subfloor Ventilation Installation: What happens


Subfloor ventilation is an important addition to any home that has raised areas with a sub floor space underneath. Different locations manifest different levels of moisture in the atmosphere and therefore require different amounts of ventilation. The purpose of the system of fans and vents is to remove moisture that can cause mould growth and rising damp within the home. These and other damp-related defects can cause respiratory problems and also compromise the stability of the house.

All things considered, if you are experiencing mould or rising damp in your home, it’s probably a good idea to contact an expert. Only trust professionals to evaluate the problem at your home. They will be able to take a look at your property and determine whether installation of a subfloor fan and vent system is necessary. 

If an installation is deemed necessary, your contractor will work according to the following principles to solve the problem. They will be able to install a ventilation system used to keep your subfloor spaces dry and at a mild temperature.

How Does A Sub Floor Ventilation System Work?

In many cases, there is little to no air flow beneath the house in question. A solution to this problem is to install vents along the side of the house, under the floor level. By providing natural ventilation, subfloor spaces will dry out on their accord as a cross breeze of fresh, dry air flows beneath the home. What’s more effective is to install a system of subfloor fans in tandem with the vents to mechanically draw in fresh air beneath the house.

A subfloor ventilation installation incorporating vents only will involve a contractor installing vents along both sides of the house. An installation incorporating vents and a fan will involve the same setup – vents on either side of the house. However, will also require one or more outtakes fan on one side of the house. 

The presence of a fan helps facilitate cross breeze. Air is drawn into the house naturally on one side and is then removed on the other side by the subfloor outtake fan.

Stale air in the central subfloor areas will be replaced rapidly following installation of a subfloor ventilation system. Damp areas will soon dry out with fresh air facilitated by the cross breeze ventilation system. If there are particularly hard-to-reach areas in terms of available air flow, multiple outtake fans can be installed. Doing this ensures the most efficient ventilation of the subfloor area.

In order to remove air replacement air must be available. It’s important to keep this in mind when choosing where to set up the sub floor fan system. Replacement air will normally be entering the sub floor area via vents placed in strategic positions. Air quality will improve and damp issues will be removed thoroughly.

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