Strathfield Sub Floor Ventilation

If you want to prevent costly structural repairs in your home or building, one way is to have a sub floor ventilation system. This system of fans and vents will effectively expel stale air and introduce more fresh air into your building foundations. The result is better moisture regulation, which will prevent or discourage rising damp, condensation, mould growth, termite infestations, timber decay and other related problems.

Strathfield sub floor ventilation

Here at Extract Air, we can install an underfloor ventilation system in your home or building (we also do installations in heritage structures). With a 5-year warranty and long lifetime (our system of fans, ducts and vents are built specifically to endure our harsh Australian climate), you’ll get the highest ROI from our tailored installation.

Aside from the resulting high ROI, our cost-effective solutions also have the following features:

For more than 15 years, we’ve been tailoring the installation to ensure optimal results. Each home, building or heritage structure is unique, which is why we tailor our solution to best match the site’s requirements.

Through the years, we’ve helped property owners and property asset managers save thousands of dollars from costly repairs (e.g. timber decay, cracked walls, warping and expansion of timber floor, peeling and staining of paint and walls). In addition, occupants have enjoyed good indoor air quality because mould growth is discouraged through our vent systems.

For optimal results and cost savings, we do the installations in bathrooms, laundries, entry ways and wardrobes (where underfloor moisture levels can get unusually high). Rest assured that our installations will last long because they’re actually designed for the environment commonly found below the floors.

Contact us today if you require a cost-effective solution for protecting your home or building from timber decay, rising damp, condensation, mould growth and other related threats. We can conduct a free no-obligation assessment in your home or building at or near Australian Catholic University, Cosgrove Reserve, Inveresk Park, Wakeford Rd, Meriden School or Santa Sabina College.