St Ives Sub Floor Ventilation

If you want to better protect your home or building from timber decay, rising damp, mould growth and other moisture-related problems, contact us today here at Extract Air. We can install a tailored ventilation system below your suspended timber or concrete floor. You will benefit from our 15+ years of technical experience.

St Ives sub floor ventilation

Our installations in homes, buildings and heritage structures have resulted in the following:

In other words, our customers have gained the highest ROI from our expert solutions and installations. Through the years, they have saved thousands of dollars in structural repairs and maintained their buildings’ excellent condition.

Our underfloor ventilation systems have the following features:

Customers benefit from our 15+ years of professional experience in the field. We use our experience and updated knowledge in coming up with the optimal solutions for each home or building. As a result, our customers get the best value and gain the biggest savings through the years.

We’re able to come up with optimal solutions because we first start with a thorough assessment of each home or building. We examine the current moisture levels and existing ventilation systems before we design our solution. This way, each installation and component will be necessary for ensuring maximum cross flow ventilation in the building foundations.

Also, our installations last for years which is why customers get the highest long-term ROI. The 5-year warranty we provide demonstrates our confidence in the long-term performance and reliability of our underfloor ventilation systems.

If you require more information and want a free no-obligation assessment, contact us today here at Extract Air. We can get to you promptly whether you’re somewhere near Greenvalley Ave, Linigen Reserve, Sydney Grammar School, Pencil Park, Masada College or Burdekin Cres.