Roseville Sub Floor Ventilation

If you want to better protect your home or building from expensive wood rot, condensation, rising damp and other moisture-related problems, contact us today here at Extract Air. We can install a tailored underfloor ventilation system and ensure low running costs and long-term function.

Roseville sub floor ventilation

Customers benefit from our 15+ years of professional experience because we always come up with solutions that minimise costs and maximises value. Through those years, we’ve installed underfloor vent systems for residential, commercial and heritage buildings.

Our solutions have resulted in the following:

Our system of fans, ducts and vents effectively expels stale air from under suspended timber and concrete floors. As a result, moisture and humidity levels are better regulated which helps reduce the expansion and contraction of timber materials. With this reduced timber action, the overall home or building structure experiences less stress, cracks and other visible damages.

Aside from our 15+ years of technical experience, our customers also choose us because:

It’s a practical way to better protect your home or building from costly damages and maximise your building’s lifetime. Through the years you’ll save thousands of dollars from expensive repairs. You and your occupants will also benefit from improved indoor air quality because of better moisture regulation and less mould growth.

If you want to save money in the long term and spare yourself from costly damages and poor indoor air quality, a tailored sub floor ventilation system is the right solution. Contact us today so that we can carry out a free no-obligation assessment on your home or building at or near Carnarvon Rd, Barcoo St, Longford St, Shirley Rd, Alexander Parade, Spearman St, Melnotte Ave or Bancroft Park.