Rockdale Sub Floor Ventilation

We supply and install sub floor ventilation solutions in residential, commercial and heritage structures. The Extract Air team will tailor the solution according to the structure’s profile and levels of rising damp and condensation.

Rockdale sub floor ventilation

With fans and ventilation systems installed below the suspended timber and concrete floor, you reduce the risk of timber decay, warped and expanded timber floor and cracked walls. In the long term you’ll save money from costly repairs.

Many of our clients choose us because of our:

Unregulated moisture levels can gradually and suddenly cause damage to the walls and floors of the asset. But with a cost-effective vent system, costly repairs are prevented in the first place and aesthetics are maintained. More importantly, mould growth is better controlled which results in better respiratory health for the occupants.

Extract Air can supply and install a range of mechanical exhaust fans, mechanical ventilation intake fans. We also install high flow cement mesh vents, louvered grill vents and heritage vents. The entire design and installation can be tailored according to the aesthetic requirements of the building.

With this tailored approach you get a high return on investment and you spare yourself from the expenses and inconveniences of having the walls and floors repaired or replaced. You even get a higher ROI because we have low-energy solutions available.

Contact us here at Extract Air if you require a cost-effective subfloor ventilation for your property, asset or project. We service the entire Rockdale including residential and commercial structures near Clarence Road, Herbert Street, Arlington St, Frederick St, Bay St, Bestic St, Chandler St, W Botany St and Rockdale Bicentennial Park. We will start with a thorough assessment and design a tailored solution for your asset.