Pymble Sub Floor Ventilation

A practical way to help control rising damp, condensation, mould growth, termite infestation and timber decay is through the use of a tailored sub floor ventilation system. The Extract Air team can install it for you and ensure perfect, cost-effective and long-lasting function.

Pymble sub floor ventilation

Customers in the Upper North Shore and all over Sydney often choose us because of our 15+ years of technical experience and our tailored approach. Our tailored installation results from conducting a free no-obligation assessment and listening closely to the customers’ requirements.

Our cost-effective tailored installations in homes, buildings and heritage structures have resulted in the following:

As a result, our customers have gained high ROI. All our installations are tailored so that only the necessary fans, ducts and vents are installed. Also, we ensure low-running costs and further help reduce energy use by installing timers.

Our underfloor ventilation systems have a:

Our customers always get the best value because they get to protect their homes or buildings from expensive moisture-related problems. In addition, indoor air quality improves which can help maintain the occupants’ good health.

Our customers also benefit from our 15+ years of professional experience in the field. Through those years, we’ve come up with solutions that minimise cost and maximises value for each home or building. Also, we’ve been able to ensure maximum crossflow ventilation for effective expulsion of moist and stale air from underfloor areas.

If you want to better protect your home or building from condensation, rising damp, timber decay, mould growth and other moisture-related problems, contact us today here at Extract Air. We’ll conduct a free no-obligation assessment if your home or building is at or near Rushall Street Reserve, Moorina Rd, Boolarong Rd, Bannockburn Oval, Friars Field, Sheldon Forest Walking Track, Knowlman Ave, Beechworth Rd, Avondale Golf Club, Upper Minnamurra Reserve and Shaddock Ave.