North Willoughby Sub Floor Ventilation

For better moisture control in your building foundations, we can install a tailored subfloor ventilation system for you. Over the years, we’ve already done several installations in the Lower North Shore.

North Willoughby sub floor ventilation

Many of our customers have chosen us because of our:

Customers get a high ROI because of our long-lasting and tailored solutions. They’re able to save money upfront (optimal and practical installations) and long term (our systems have low running costs).

Our installations have also helped better regulate or prevent the following problems:

Solving damp and mould problems North Willoughby

Solving damp and mould problems requires an ongoing solution. This is where a system of underfloor fans and vents can help. This system can regularly expel the stale air and introduce fresh air into the building foundations. The result is a lower or more consistent moisture level below the suspended timber or concrete floor.

Timber constantly reacts with the surrounding moisture level. It expands when moisture or humidity levels are consistently high and it contracts when levels are low. That expansion and contraction of the timber can result in cracking and instability of the surrounding walls, floors and the entire structure. In the end, this could lead to costly structural repairs as you might need to replace the damaged and compromised timber.

We can help prevent that here at Extract Air. Through our tailored installation of an underfloor ventilation system, there will be better moisture control in your building foundations. Contact us today and we can start with a free no-obligation assessment, whether you’re at or somewhere near Macmahon St, Cambridge Park, Tyneside Ave, Glover St, Forsyth St or Rosewall St.