North Turramurra Sub Floor Ventilation

Rising damp, condensation and termite infestation can result in expensive wood rot, cracking of walls and other expensive structural and aesthetic damages. One way to prevent those is by having an underfloor ventilation system.

North Turramurra sub floor ventilation

Here at Extract Air, we install ventilation systems beneath the suspended timber or concrete floors of homes, commercial buildings and heritage structures. Our tailored installations have resulted in the following:

Customers often choose us because:

Our customers always get the best value because of our cost-effective and long-lasting installations. Our solutions have resulted in a high ROI and helped protect their structures from expensive damages.

To secure a higher ROI, we even install timers to help save on energy. This way, stale air is still regularly expelled and that underfloor moisture levels are always regulated. This is important in minimising the expansion/contraction of timber and discouraging mould growth and termite infestation.

With North Turramurra’s warm humid summers and several unusually humid days the rest of the year, the humidity levels and amount of stale air under the floor areas can get consistently high. It’s important to expel the moist air to minimise the damage and better protect your structural timber and your entire home or building.

Contact us today if you require a cost-effective and passive solution to protecting your home or building from rising damp, condensation, timber decay, mould growth and termite infestation. We can first conduct a free no-obligation assessment whether you’re at or near Ku-ring-gai High School, Sir Neville McNamara Dr, Du Faur St, Curagul Rd, Gwydir Avenue Reserve, Samuel King Oval, Milowera Rd or Browning Rd.