North Sydney Sub Floor Ventilation

To better protect your home or building from damp and mould problems, we can install a tailored sub floor ventilation system for you. Our customers in Lower North Shore have chosen us here at Extract Air because of our 15+ years of professional experience, tailored solutions and 5-year warranty on our installations.

North Sydney sub floor ventilation

Our tailored solutions have helped better regulate or prevent the following problems:

Customers have received high ROI from our installations. For example, they have prevented costly structural repairs that might have resulted from timber rot and collapse. Indoor air quality has also improved which resulted in positive health outcomes for households and building occupants.

Solving damp and mould problems in North Sydney

A ventilation system below the suspended timber or concrete floor will lead to better moisture control throughout the building. The building foundations will be constantly supplied with fresh air while stale air will be consistently drawn out. As a result, damp-related problems will be better prevented.

To accomplish that, many Lower North Shore customers contact us here at Extract Air. They often choose us because:

Whether it’s a residential, commercial or heritage building, we can tailor the installation according to the requirements of each customer and that of the structure. We’re able to accomplish this by starting with an onsite assessment so we’ll know the current moisture conditions in the building foundations and of the entire building.

Contact us today here at Extract Air and we’ll carry out a free no-obligation assessment for you, whether you’re at or somewhere near the Oval, Ridge St, Stanton Library, Walker St or Adderstone Ave. We install underfloor ventilation systems in residential, heritage and commercial premises.