Newtown Sub Floor Ventilation

Newtown actually has an old and long history starting with the Cadigal tribe of the Eora people. From the 19th century up to our modern times a lot has been continuously changing and evolving. Newtown’s proximity to the Sydney CBD and having that King Street as the centre of commercial and entertainment activity (and yes, also the “Eat Street”), a lot more things are bound to happen in this vibrant and exciting suburb (perhaps something that could surpass the Newtown Festival, Feastability, Under the Blue Moon Festival and The Sydney Fringe).

However, keeping up with the times and the changes could be challenging because of new requirements and threats. It’s especially the case with heritage-listed sites and newly-built structures in Newtown. For example, unregulated moisture levels in the sub floor can result to timber decay, warped timber floors and cracked walls. In addition, lack of moisture control could also compromise the occupants’ respiratory health due to mould growth.

Newtown sub floor ventilation

Thankfully there are cost-effective solutions for those threats and problems. Here at Extract Air, we specialise in supplying and installing a range of mechanical exhaust fans, mechanical ventilation intake fans, high flow cement mesh vents, louvered grill vents and heritage vents. These are designed to keep moisture levels in check and prevent potentially costly repair damages in structures.

For new builds, existing homes and businesses, renovations, heritage buildings and apartment buildings, our team has already installed subfloor ventilation solutions that help maintain the structure’s integrity and the occupants’ respiratory health. With our efficient solutions (no vibration, low running costs, low noise levels, no maintenance required), we are able to help clients achieve the following:

For more than 15 years Extract Air has been a crucial team for protecting people’s assets whether it’s a heritage building or a family home. Our solutions have been working silently in the background as they control moisture levels and prevent costly problems in the long term. Moisture build-up, condensation and mould growth are insidious threats, which is why they need to be addressed promptly if you want to best protect your asset.

Contact us here at Extract Air and we’ll thoroughly inspect and assess your property for condensation and moisture level threats. These can gradually but surely damage the timber and concrete materials in your home or commercial premise (as well as affect respiratory health). Contact us and we’ll act quickly and we’ll provide cost-effective solutions appropriate for your asset.