Mortlake Sub Floor Ventilation

Rising damp can damage your timber and concrete structures and lead to costly repairs. High moisture levels in laundries, bathrooms, wardrobes, entry ways and other areas of the home or building can encourage mould growth and worsen poor indoor air quality.

Mortlake sub floor ventilation

To prevent the damages and mould growth, one cost-effective way is to install a ventilation system under the timber and concrete floors. This will expel the stale air and introduce more fresh air and keep the subfloor moisture levels in check.

That’s what we’ve been doing for more than 15 years here at Extract Air. First we assess the home or building and check for existing rising damp problems. This way we can tailor the design and installation of the underfloor vent system.

Our system of vents and fans have:

Whether you’re near the Yaralla Bay, Anchor Lookout Spot, Wangal Playground, Whittaker St or Herbert St, we can do a free no-obligation assessment and give you a free quote. Our goal is to give you a high ROI and help you save money in the long term.

Whether near the bay, river or somewhere further inland, indoor moisture levels can get unusually high especially after a heavy rain or after a normal everyday activity such as showering and cooking. If there’s no subfloor vent system in place, rising damp and condensation problems will eventually appear and cause damage to your concrete and timber assets.

Here at Extract Air, our system of vents and fans will effectively expel the stale air and introduce more fresh air. This will better regulate the moisture and humidity levels under the floors. The result is fewer or almost zero rising damp problems and a much better indoor air quality.

Contact us today if you want to protect your home or building from costly damages (timber decay, peeling and staining of paint and walls, warping and expansion of timber floor, cracked walls). We’ll start with a free no-obligation assessment and then our team will come up with the most cost-effective solution for you (we also have energy-saving solutions that include timers).