Milsons Point Sub Floor Ventilation

A sub floor ventilation system can better protect your asset from damp and mould problems. With a tailored and optimal installation of underfloor fans and vents, this could be a cost-effective way to prevent expensive timber decay and poor indoor air quality.

Milsons Point sub floor ventilation

Here at Extract Air, we can install a tailored underfloor ventilation system in your residential or commercial building. We’ll design a tailored system after a free no-obligation assessment, whether you’re at or near Cliff St, Glen St, Dind St or Olympic Dr.

Many of our customers have chosen us because of our:

Our tailored installations last long and require low running cost and minimal maintenance. Our customers have saved money upfront and in the long run because of our tailored approach. In addition, our customers have been able to better protect their assets from damp and mould problems.

Solving damp and mould problems Milsons Point

Consistently high moisture levels in the underfloor areas can result in the following:

Timber responds to moisture levels by expanding and contracting. The surrounding walls, floors and ceilings become entangled with that timber expansion and contraction. Because of this fluctuation, the asset’s structural integrity becomes compromised over the years. This can lead to wood rot which will require expensive repair or replacement.

For better moisture control

To prevent that, one way is by having a tailored underfloor ventilation system that expels stale air. This results in better moisture control which helps the timber more stable throughout the day or night.

Contact us today here at Extract Air if you want to better protect your residential or commercial building from damp, condensation, wood rot and mould problems. You’ll benefit from our 15+ years of professional experience and you’ll get the best value because of our 5-year warranty.