Marrickville Sub Floor Ventilation

Just minutes away from the Sydney CBD and having undergone some recent gentrification and redevelopment, the suburb of Marrickville has attracted students and young professionals. Aside from the proximity to the City, there’s also the Marrickville Metro, Addison Community Centre and a light industrial area (e.g. building supplies, automotive repair) west of the Princes Highway.

Aside from the residential and commercial opportunities, Marrickville also has that relaxation and excitement due to the Henson Park, Marrickville Oval, Steel Park and Annette Kellerman Aquatic Centre. Everything is already here which is why the young never stops coming into this suburb and living the life.

Marrickville sub floor ventilation

This arrival of thousands of new residents has resulted to more residential buildings being constructed or old structures being repurposed. There might be a rush during the construction and renovation because new people just continuously come here in Marrickville.

As a result, some parts and systems of the structures might be neglected and forgotten. It’s especially the case in sub floor systems of newly constructed homes and apartments, existing residential and commercial premises and heritage structures as well. Due to build-up of moisture and lack of ventilation, the following things might result:

To prevent costly repairs and health hazards resulting from poor sub floor ventilation, here at Extract Air we install a range of mechanical exhaust fans, mechanical ventilation intake fans, high flow cement mesh vents, louvered grill vents and heritage vents. This way your property and assets will be better protected from the threats of timber decay, cracked walls and warped timber floors. This ventilation system can also help improve respiratory health because there’s much less mould growth.

For 15+ years we’ve been installing sub floor exhaust fans and other ventilation solutions in laundries, bathrooms, wardrobes, entryways and other areas susceptible to moisture. We install Australia-made ventilation fans that last long and operate quietly in the background. These ventilation fans are also built to withstand Australia’s climate and environmental conditions.

Contact us here at Extract Air if you want to protect your assets and the health of your family or tenants through a better sub floor ventilation system. We can provide you a written quote after a thorough assessment of the area.