Linley Point Sub Floor Ventilation

One practical way to protect your home or building from damp and mould problems is by having subfloor ventilation. This can effectively extract the stale air from the underfloor areas and better prevent timber rot and collapse in your residential or commercial structure.

Linley Point sub floor ventilation

Here at Extract Air, we can design a tailored underfloor ventilation for you. For over 15 years we’ve been specialising in this field and we’ve helped our customers prevent the following problems:

The underfloor ventilation system we install have the following features:

Aside from our 15+ years of experience, customers in Lower North Shore also choose us because:

Solving damp and mould problems Linley Point

Peninsular suburbs such as Linley Point are not exempted from high and irregular moisture levels. Left unchecked, persistently high humidity levels and accumulated moisture in the underfloor areas can eventually lead to wood rot, cracked, rising damp, musty smells and poor indoor air quality.

That’s why here at Extract Air, we install a system of ducts, fans, extractors and vents that effectively expels stale air. This can better prevent damp and mould problems common here in Australia, whether it’s a peninsular suburb or somewhere further inland.

Contact us today for a free consultation, site assessment and no-obligation quote. We’ll first carry out an assessment, study the current conditions of the site and listen to you about your requirements. We can get there to you whether you’re at or somewhere near View St, Carisbrook St, The Crescent or The Avenue.