Lindfield Sub Floor Ventilation

A cost-effective way to prevent timber decay, wood rot, termite infestation and mould growth under your suspended timber or concrete floor is with the installation of a subfloor ventilation system. This will effectively extract the stale and damp air from the underfloor areas and keep the fresh air coming in. As a result, the humidity and moisture levels beneath the timber or concrete floor will always be regulated.

Lindfield sub floor ventilation

When it comes to underfloor ventilation systems, customers in the Upper North Shore always choose us here at Extract Air. With our 15+ years of technical experience and our tailored solutions, our customers get the best value and highest ROI from our installations.

Our tailored solutions have resulted in the following:

It’s a cost-effective way to prevent expensive structural damages and help improve indoor air quality. It’s a passive solution that continuously brings results over the years.

Our customers get the highest ROI and several benefits because our installations have the following characteristics:

Tailored solution according to the requirements of the home or building (after a thorough assessment)

Our system of fans, pumps, ducts and vents will effectively expel stale and moist air from the underfloor areas. As a result, there will be fewer opportunities for mould and termites to thrive. In addition, the expansion and contraction of timber structures will be minimised.

If you want to better protect your home or building from costly damages and help improve indoor air quality, contact us today here at Extract Air and we will install an underfloor ventilation system for you. We can service heritage, residential and commercial buildings at or near Queen Elizabeth Reserve, Bradfield Rd, Highfield Rd, Edenborough Oval, Charles Bean Oval, Kenilworth Rd, Seven Little Australians Park and Short St.