Lilyfield Sub Floor Ventilation

Lilyfield is increasingly becoming gentrified partly as a result of its proximity to the City as well as the interests of property investors. After all, many residents and businesses want to be near the centre of action and opportunity whenever possible. This has resulted in the progressive and dynamic changes in the suburb of Lilyfield.

Even with the changes, some areas and structures are still here to stay such as the White’s Creek Aqueduct, Broughton Hall and Callan Park Hospital for the Insane. The Leichhardt Park (with the oval and aquatic centre) also provides some contrast with the concrete and busyness from the City. But then again, expect more changes to come in the years and decades ahead.

Lilyfield sub floor ventilation

Also expect changes when it comes to the structural integrity of residential and commercial premises (including heritage-listed structures). After all, there are insidious threats that affect structural integrity and even the respiratory health of occupants.

It’s especially the case with the ventilation below suspended timber and concrete floors in all buildings. If ventilation is lacking in that area and moisture levels are left unchecked, sooner or later warped and expanded timber floor, cracked walls, timber decay, rising damp, condensation, musty smells and mould growth will happen. Aside from affecting the structural integrity, it could also compromise the occupants’ respiratory health.

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