Liberty Grove Sub Floor Ventilation

We install long-lasting ventilation systems below the concrete and timber floors of homes and buildings. We tailor the design and installation so that customers save money and to optimise cross flow ventilation.

Liberty Grove sub floor ventilation

Our tailored installations have resulted in the following:

Customers have saved thousands of dollars through the years. It’s especially the case when the underfloor vent systems are installed beneath the bathrooms, laundries, entry ways and wardrobes (where moisture levels are often unusually high).

Customers often choose our solutions because of:

You’ll benefit from our experience because we can come up with a cost-effective solution perfect for your requirements. Whether it’s a residential, commercial or even a heritage building, we can tailor the entire design and installation (and also make sure the vents are aesthetically pleasing and consistent with the building design).

We supply and install mechanical ventilation exhaust and intake fans, high flow cement mesh vents, louvered grill vents and heritage vents. The ducts have high moisture resistance and the entire system is built to endure the damp environment.

It will be a worthwhile investment because you’ll prevent costly structural problems (e.g. timber decay, cracking of walls) and help improve indoor air quality (because mould growth will be discouraged). It will be a quiet and passive solution to better protect your asset and health.

Contact us today and the Extract Air team will do a free no-obligation assessment. We’ll inspect your home or building whether it’s at or near Bradley Reserve, Brewers Park, Village Green, Charlton Park or Cole Reserve. The quote and design of the underfloor ventilation system will depend on the structure and the existing damp problems. We can install a new subfloor vent system or upgrade the existing one if there’s any.