Leichhardt Sub Floor Ventilation

With the busy Norton Street plus being known as Sydney’s Little Italy, Leichardt is indeed a place of movement and activity. Being almost right next to the Sydney central business district, everyone can immediately feel the busyness and ambition here.

There’s also the MarketPlace Leichhardt which is also a centre of shopping and commercial activity because of the Woolworths, Target and more than 60 specialty stores. And yes, Leichhardt can be accessed through several main roads which makes going in and out of the suburb a breeze.

Leichhardt sub floor ventilation

However, it’s not a breeze to deal with cracked walls, timber decay and warped and expanded timber floor. It even gets worse because of the mould growth that affects the occupants’ respiratory health.

Don’t let uncontrolled moisture levels ruin your asset and affect people’s health. With the right subfloor ventilation technologies, your asset will be best protected from uneven and unregulated moisture levels. Here at Extract Air, we supply and install mechanical ventilation exhaust fans, mechanical ventilation intake fans, high flow cement mesh vents, louvered grill vents and heritage vents. These are designed and built to withstand the harsh Australian climate and operate in low energy and low noise and vibration. They work silently in the background to protect the area below your suspended timber and concrete floors.

Owners and managers of commercial premises and residential structures choose Extract Air because of the following:

We service Leichhardt, Sydney and the surrounding areas. All sub-floor ventilation fans have low voltage design with overload protection, polarity protection, humidity protection & rotor lock protection. It’s a cost-effective way of protecting your asset. And yes, you will spare yourself from costly repairs and instead use the money for investing in new properties and improving the existing structure.

You can contact us today for a free onsite assessment (no obligation). Once an agreement is made, we can create and install a tailored solution for you. Here at Extract Air, this has been our specialisation for more than 15 years.