Lavender Bay Sub Floor Ventilation

One way to prevent and solve damp and mould problems is by having an underfloor ventilation system in your home or building. This is a practical way to effectively extract the stale air from the subfloor areas and better regulate the moisture levels in those sites.

Lavender Bay sub floor ventilation

Here at Extract Air, we install ventilation systems in the underfloor areas of residential and commercial structures. Through our tailored and cost-effective installations we’ve been able to help prevent the following:

Rising damp and other moisture-related problems can leave a visible watermark on walls, floors and ceilings. These problems can also result in rotting wood as well as peeling, cracking and bubbling of painted render or brickwork. In addition, rising damp might also affect the overall structural integrity of your home or building because of the wood rot.

Solving damp and mould problems Lavender Bay

An underfloor ventilation system is a practical way to prevent damp and mould problems. It’s a passive solution to ensuring stale air is regularly being extracted from the subfloor areas. This will help better protect your asset from timber rot. It’s also a great way to maintain good indoor air quality in your home or building.

Through the years, we’ve been installing underfloor vent systems in harbourside suburbs, including here at Lavender Bay. Many of our customers choose us because:

Contact us today here at Extract Air if you want to better protect your asset from wood rot, poor indoor air quality and other damp and mould problems. We can give you a free no-obligation quote after we assess your site, whether you’re at or somewhere near MacKenzie St, The Royal Art Society of New South Wales, Arthur St, Watt Park, Waiwera St or Bay View St.