Lansvale Sub Floor Ventilation

Unregulated moisture levels especially in building foundations result in condensation, rising damp, timber decay, mould growth and musty smells. If you want to prevent those and better protect your building and its occupants, a cost-effective sub-floor ventilation system will be a practical investment.

Lansvale sub floor ventilation

Here at Lansvale it has become denser and more crowded (and expect more of that near the Harrow Ave, Bradbury Wharf, Eora Beach, Riverside Rd, Wharf Rd and other busy areas). It’s also the case in residential areas (including River Heights) where more dwellings and other structures are being built.

As a result (plus the worsening microclimate and buildings now have complex structures and foundations), the moisture levels inside the dwellings and buildings become too high (which could then linger throughout the day and night). This then leads to condensation and rising damp, which in turn contributes to the structural decay below the suspended timber and concrete floors. In addition, this leads to mould growth and musty smells which can affect the occupants’ respiratory health.

To prevent that, installing sub-floor extractor fans is a practical and worthwhile investment. They help maximise airflow through the foundations and therefore effectively regulate the moisture levels. Whether your dwelling or building is located near or far the coasts, you will surely benefit from that regular moisture control.

Here at Extract Air, we provide and install complete subfloor ventilation systems that are built for reliability and longevity. In addition, our cost-effective solutions are known for the following:

To come up with a tailored solution for the building, we first start with a thorough assessment (free and no obligation) to know the existing moisture problems. It’s also a great way to make sure that the installation will result in optimal air circulation and moisture control.

Contact us today and the Extract Air team will make sure you get the optimal and cost-effective solution to better protect your property asset (as well as improve indoor air quality). For more than 15 years this has been our specialisation so rest assured every detail will be handled according to the highest standards.