Lane Cove Sub Floor Ventilation

In solving damp and mould problems, one practical way is by having a ventilation system below your suspended timber or concrete floors. This will better regulate the moisture levels in those areas and better protect your home or building from rising damp, condensation, mould growth, musty smells and expensive wood rot.

Lane Cove sub floor ventilation

Here at Extract Air, we can install a cost-effective underfloor system for you. Customers in Lower North Shore often choose us because:

High ROI is guaranteed because our installations have the following features:

With our practical solutions, we’ve been able to prevent the following:

Solving damp and mould problems Lane Cove

Whether it’s a dwelling, commercial building or heritage structure, we tailor our solutions according to the requirements and existing damp problems in the site. This way, our system of fans and ducts can effectively extract stale air and introduce more fresh air in the underfloor areas.

Property owners, building managers and developers all over Sydney choose us because of our superior and long-lasting technical solutions. They’ve been able to get a high ROI because of our cost-effective installations. In addition, they’ve been able to better protect their property assets from expensive timber decay. Better moisture control in the subfloor areas also resulted in better indoor air quality in dwellings and buildings.

Contact us today here at Extract Air if you want to solve damp and mould problems in your home or building, whether you’re at or near Waterview Dr, Best St, Burns Bay Rd, Finlayson St, Seville St, Gatacre Ave or Cogan Pl. This is a practical way of prolonging your asset’s lifetime and improving indoor air quality.