Kingsgrove Sub Floor Ventilation

Mould growth affects people’s respiratory health and condensation and rising damp can affect the integrity of the floors, walls and the entire structure. It can all come from the poor moisture control in the underfloor areas. This requires an urgent and cost-effective solution to avoid costly repairs and better protect the occupants.

Kingsgrove sub floor ventilation

It can get unusually hot and humid here whether at home or in one of the commercial establishments near the north side of the railway line or along the Stoney Creek Road and the Canterbury Road. However, it can even get a lot worse in the underfloor areas where the high moisture level is slowly destroying your asset and gradually affecting the occupants’ respiratory health.

If you’re a homeowner or an asset manager, you want to protect your asset and the occupants. One way to accomplish this is with a tailored and cost-effective sub-floor ventilation system. This system will extract stale damp air and allow dry fresh air to come in and permeate the underfloor areas. The result is better regulation of the moisture levels and better protection in the foundation.

Here at Extract Air we can design a tailored solution for your asset. We will do an on-site assessment (free and no-obligation) and then come up with a system that is cost-effective and complementary to the design of the structure. Customers in Kingsgrove and the surrounds often choose us because:

It will be a quiet and cost-effective solution that might even bring thousands of dollars on savings in repair costs and health expenses. And when there are times when we have to stay indoors for extended hours, it’s important that mould and other threats to our respiratory health are minimal.

Phone us today at 0405 343 999 and the Extract Air team will do a thorough assessment of the asset. The goal is to deliver a cost-effective solution according to the customers’ requirements.