Kingsgrove Sub Floor Ventilation

If you want to improve the indoor air quality in your asset and maintain its structural integrity and appearance, a cost-effective sub floor ventilation system is a must. Here at Extract Air we can design a tailored and practical solution that will better protect your foundations in the years to come (and also avoid causing respiratory problems to occupants).

Kingsgrove sub floor ventilation

We service the entire Kingsgrove including areas along the Kingsgrove Rd, Stoney Creek Rd, Canterbury Rd, William St and Vanessa St. We’ve already designed tailored solutions for residential and commercial structures including heritage buildings.

The ducts and fan systems we install are built to withstand Australia’s harsh climate and environmental conditions. The entire system also lasts long (comes with a 5-year warranty including parts and labour). Developers, contractors, homeowners and asset managers choose us because of:

Unregulated moisture levels cause and facilitate rising damp, mould growth, musty smells and timber decay. Aside from possibly ruining the paint, plaster, timber, floor, walls and ceiling (and eventually causing costly repairs), this can also cause respiratory problems to occupants because of the biotoxins being released by dangerous microorganisms and fungi.

With our cost-effective ventilation fan systems moisture levels in the subfloor will be better regulated. With this better regulation and air circulation you prevent costly repairs and health risks to the occupants. It’s a worthwhile investment because of the additional protection to the occupants and your asset and building.

Contact us today if you want a low-cost and effective solution to subfloor ventilation. Here at Extract Air you’ll benefit from our years of technical experience in designing tailored and practical solutions.