Killara Sub Floor Ventilation

Wood rot, rising damp, condensation, mould growth and termite infestation are expensive problems. To help you prevent that, one way is to have an underfloor ventilation system that will better regulate the moisture levels beneath your suspended timber or concrete floors.

Killara sub floor ventilation

This is a practical and cost-effective solution that will help you prevent premature wood rot, expensive termite infestation and poor indoor air quality. This solution even becomes more cost-effective if the solution and installation is tailored according to your requirements.

Here at Extract Air, we perform tailored installations of subfloor ventilation systems in residential, commercial and heritage buildings. We tailor the installation according to the result of our assessment (free and no obligation). We also install timers and energy-saving solutions so that it will be a low-cost operation.

Our customers get the best value because our installations last long and they’re covered by a 5-year warranty (compared to 1-year warranties of DIY installations). Our system of subfloor fans and ducts last long because they’re built to withstand our harsh Australian conditions. Our ducts have high moisture resistance and because of the minimal noise and vibration, there will be less wear and tear in the fans and other internal components of the subfloor ventilation system.

Our solutions and installations have resulted in the following:

Both long term and upfront, our customers as well as the building occupants benefit because of the savings and the improved indoor air quality and more comfortable living conditions. Through the years, they have achieved a high ROI from our tailored installations. Our customers also benefit from our 15+ years of experience because we always come up with cost-effective and energy-saving solutions to give them more value.

If you want to prevent premature structural damages and mould growth as well as improve the indoor living conditions, contact us today here at Extract Air. We can start with a free no-obligation assessment of your home or building (our service area includes St Crispens Green, Fiddens Wharf Rd, Regimental Park, Greengate Park, Dalcross Wellness Hospital, Quarry Masons Reserve and Swain Gardens).