Hurlstone Park Sub Floor Ventilation

Whether you own or manage an asset along Canterbury and New Canterbury Roads, around Hurlstone Park Station, at or near The Edgeware School, it’s your job to protect your asset’s structural integrity. It’s especially the case in the structure’s sub floor level and timber foundations.

Hurlstone Park sub floor ventilation

Here at Extract Air we can design and install high flow vents, louvered vents or heritage vents to better protect your asset. We tailor the solution according to your requirements, budget and preferred aesthetics (phone us today at 0405 343 999 for a free quote).

Property owners and asset managers in Hurlstone Park and the surrounds choose us because:

  • We have 15+ years experience in the design and installation of mechanical and passive ventilation systems
  • Tailor-made solutions according to your requirements
  • Long-term operation and low running costs of ventilation fans
  • Solutions are specifically designed to withstand Australia’s harsh environmental conditions
  • Products made in Australia (with local warranty support)

It’s a long-term investment that will save you money from repair costs. Aside from maintaining structural integrity, our solutions also help protect the aesthetics of the structure.

Uncontrolled moisture levels will sooner or later lead to rotting wood, mould growth and peeling and cracking of paint and brickwork. Timber floors also expand and warp and the musty smells and mould growth will affect the occupants’ respiratory health. High humidity levels work day and night and cause damage while working quietly in the background.

Your structure also requires 24/7 protection (or timed solutions to help you save money) that works silently in the background. This way your structure will last long while you help protect the occupants’ health.

Phone us today at 0405 343 999 if you require a cost-effective sub floor ventilation for your property. Here at Extract Air we’ve already worked on new buildings and homes, existing structures, heritage buildings and apartment buildings.