Huntleys Cove Sub Floor Ventilation

If your home or building requires effective, quiet and passive protection against wood rot, rising damp, mould growth and other moisture-related problems, contact us here at Extract Air. Customers in the Lower North Shore often choose us because of our 15+ years of professional experience.

Huntleys Cove sub floor ventilation

Aside from our 15+ years of experience, many of our customers also choose us because:

As a result, our customers get the highest ROI upfront and through the years. Our tailored design ensures only the necessary fans and vents are installed. This also allows for the lowest running cost because fewer parts and components are being used. All of these plus passive and long-term protection against moisture and rising damp problems.

Through the years, we’ve helped prevent the following:

Our customers have been saving money through the years and they’ve been spared from the inconveniences brought by high moisture levels under the suspended timber or concrete floors. In addition, they’ve been able to enjoy good indoor air quality which makes living conditions more comfortable.

Depending on the complexity and requirements of the project, we can get the installation done in half a day. Our experienced technicians will be careful when working in the premises. We’ll also ensure that everything’s working perfectly before we leave the site.

Contact us today if your home or building requires better protection against moisture and rising damp problems. We can carry out a free no-obligation assessment on your site whether you’re at or somewhere near Karrabee Ave, Mortimer Lewis Dr, Fryar Pl or Waruda Pl.