Greenwich Sub Floor Ventilation

One practical way to protect your home or building from wood rot, rising damp, musty smells, mould growth and termite infestation is by having a ventilation system under your suspended timber or concrete floor. This will effectively expel stale air and introduce more fresh air in those areas.

Greenwich sub floor ventilation

Here at Extract Air, we can install a cost-effective subfloor ventilation system for you. Customers in Lower North Shore often choose us because of our:

The installations we’ve done in residential, commercial and heritage buildings have helped prevent the following:

As a result, our customers, which include asset owners and building managers, have received high ROI through the years. Quietly and passively, the underfloor ventilation systems have helped protect and prolong their asset’s lifetime and integrity.

Our systems have the following features:

A high ROI is guaranteed because our installations are long lasting and parts and components have excellent moisture resistance. In addition, because of the tailor-made design, rest assured that stale air is effectively expelled and that moisture regulation is always excellent.

Contact us today if you want to better protect your home or building against wood rot, rising damp, mould growth and other moisture-related problems. We can carry out a free no-obligation assessment on your site whether you’re at or somewhere near Ronald Ave, Kingslangley Rd, Gore St, Holloway Reserve, Leemon Reserve or O’Connell St.