Gordon Sub Floor Ventilation

To help prevent expensive wood rot and termite infestation, one way is to have a ventilation system beneath your suspended timber or concrete floor. This is a cost-effective way of extracting damp stale air and keeping your underfloor areas fresh.

Gordon sub floor ventilation

Here at Extract Air, we can install an underfloor ventilation system in your residential, commercial or heritage building. Our installation includes pumps, fans, moisture-resistant ducts and aesthetically pleasing vents.

We tailor the solution and installation according to the building’s requirements (after a free no-obligation assessment). We also install timers and energy-saving solutions to ensure low-cost operations.

Our tailored installations have resulted in the following:

Customers in the Upper North Shore and throughout Sydney choose us because of our 15+ years of professional experience, our 5-year warranty (compared to 1-year warranties of DIY installations) and our tailored approach to each building. In addition, our system of fans and ducts last long because they are engineered to withstand our harsh Australian conditions.

Our underfloor ventilation systems have resulted in high ROIs for our residential and commercial customers. Because our installations last long, customers won’t need to worry about replacements anytime soon. Also, our tailored solutions result in upfront savings because only the necessary fans and ducts are installed in the first place.

Both upfront and long term, our customers benefit because of the improvement of indoor air quality and prevention of expensive structural damages. Respiratory health and comfort have improved or maintained for the building occupants. It has also become more comfortable in usually high-moisture areas such as bathrooms, entry ways and laundry areas.

If you want to prevent expensive wood rot and termite infestation as well as improve indoor air quality, contact us today here at Extract Air. We will give you a 5-year warranty and a free no-obligation quote and assessment (we can assess the current rising damp and ventilation condition in your home or building whether you’re at or somewhere near Eryldene, St Johns Ave, Craiglands Ave, Merriwa St, Ravenswood School for Girls, Burgoyne St, Glenview St or Darnley Oval).