Forest Lodge Sub Floor Ventilation

To better protect your home or building from wood rot, pest infestations, rising damp and mould growth, we can install a full underfloor ventilation system in your location. Our long-lasting fans, ducts and vents will give you the highest ROI and help maximise the life of your structure.

Forest Lodge sub floor ventilation

For more than 15 years, the Extract Air team has been installing vent systems below suspended timber and concrete floors of buildings. Through those years, we’ve tailored our installations to match each building’s specific profile, condition and requirements. This tailored approach also helps property owners and managers save money because only the essentials are installed.

Our installations have helped our customers significantly save on long-term costs and achieve the following:

The total savings could easily amount to thousands of dollars each year. That’s because costly repairs were prevented and more importantly, indoor air quality is improved and that the occupants’ health is protected.

Here at Forest Lodge where infrastructure is dense, it’s common in buildings to have poor air circulation (especially under the floors). As a result, the unregulated moisture levels promote mould growth and accelerate timber decay. Whether it’s a home or building near Tramsheds, Ross St, Harold Park, Orphan School Creek Playground or Lew Hoad Reserve, every structure is exposed to the threat of high moisture levels below the floors.

Our solution to that is by installing a network of fans, vents and ducts that effectively draws out stale air. This system is designed to work in our harsh Australian climate and environmental conditions. In addition, it comes with a 5-year warranty which will give you total peace of mind.

Contact us today and we can start with a free no-obligation assessment. First we’ll find out the current moisture and condensation levels in your home or building. Then, we can design a tailored solution according to your budget and requirements.