Five Dock Sub Floor Ventilation

Many Five Dock dwellings and structures now might be at risk of high moisture levels under their floors. Whether it’s a California bungalow style residence, a commercial building along the Great North Road or modern apartments, high moisture levels can compromise the structure’s integrity as well as the occupants’ health.

Five Dock sub floor ventilation

Here at Extract Air we can do a free assessment (with a free no-obligation quote) on your sub floor moisture levels. We can then design a tailored solution for you according to the site’s conditions and your budget.

Our team can install high flow vents, heritage vents, louvered vents and other systems to better regulate the moisture. We can even help you save money by installing timers. This way on the long term you save on running costs. And when it comes to warranty, ours is 5 years compared to just one or two years that come with DIY sales.

Five Dock homeowners, developers and property managers choose us because:

Five Dock is becoming more urbanised and modernised because of developments such as the Sydney Metro West. Good thing is that Timbrell Park, Five Dock Park and Oval as well as California Bungalow and Australian Federation architectural style residences are still here and somehow still have their original identity. However, all structures are vulnerable to high moisture levels, rising damp, mould growth, timber decay, warped and expanded timber floors, cracked walls and musty smells that are potentially harmful.

It’s now time to better protect your property from those issues. Whether it’s maintaining structural integrity or safeguarding the occupants’ respiratory health, Extract Air can help with all that through our practical and effective ventilation solutions. Phone us today at 0405 343 999 so that we can assess your site and we can quickly provide you with a free quote.