Erskineville Sub Floor Ventilation

A full underfloor ventilation system can protect your home or building from timber decay, cracked walls, mould growth and costly structural damages. Contact us today and we’ll install a tailored system for you (with long-lasting fans, ducts and vents). We will give you a 5-year warranty on the installation.

Erskineville sub floor ventilation

We service Erko residential, commercial and heritage buildings. You’ll benefit from our more than 15 years professional experience and our long-lasting products and solutions (including our moisture-resistant ducts and other components built for the harsh Australian environmental conditions).

With our installations, we’ve been able to help property owners achieve the following:

Through the years they’ve gained a high ROI from our cost-effective solutions. In addition, they’ve been able to save money because they spared themselves from costly structural repairs.

After a free no-obligation assessment and consultation, we’ll design a tailored system for you. We’ll adapt our installation according to the requirements of the home or building as well as its existing moisture conditions. The result is a system that provides quiet and maximum cross ventilation (e.g. with our high-flow brass mesh vents) that effectively draws out stale air for better moisture regulation. The aesthetic outcome will also align with the building’s design and appearance (e.g. we have heritage vents available).

Whether you’re near the Oval, Green Ban Park, The Erko Hotel, Prospect St, Flora and Knight Reserve, Ethel Street Playground, Copper Smith La or Sydney Park Village, the Extract Air team can do a free no-obligation assessment on your home or building and check there the existing moisture-related problems.

With our tailored installation, aesthetically pleasing design and long-lasting solution, you’ll gain a high return of investment from our service. For years to come you can have a quiet and cost-effective solution to preventing timber decay, poor indoor air quality and other moisture-related problems in your home or building.