Enmore Sub Floor Ventilation

If you want to better protect your home or building from mould growth and structural damages, we can install a cost-effective subfloor ventilation system for you (with a 5-year warranty). You’ll benefit from our 15+ years professional experience and our long-lasting solutions.

Enmore sub floor ventilation

Through the years, here at Extract Air we’ve helped property owners achieve the following:

It’s especially the case here where we’re further inland (humidity and moisture levels can wildly fluctuate and get unusually high). With our cost-effective solutions (including fans, ducts and vents that last long), you’ll get a high return on investment while you protect your property and improve indoor air quality.

Customers here and the Inner West often choose us because:

Whether you’re near the Ryan Park, Browns Ave, Tupper St, Fotheringham St, Bugler Playground, Francis St Playground or TAFE NSW – Design Centre, we can go there and conduct a free no-obligation assessment. This way, our solution and installation will be tailored according to the existing underfloor moisture conditions in your residential or commercial property (we also work on heritage buildings).

Contact us today if you want a cost-effective and quiet solution against rising damp, condensation, mould growth and structural problems. The Extract Air team will design a tailored solution for you that gives a high return on investment.