Enfield Sub Floor Ventilation

To better prevent timber decay and regulate moisture levels below the suspended timber or concrete floors, we can install an underfloor vent and fan system for you. This will effectively draw out stale air and better prevent rising damp, condensation and other moisture-related problems.

Enfield sub floor ventilation

Here at Extract Air we’ll ensure that the installation is tailored and cost-effective. You’ll benefit from our 15+ years of experience working in residential, commercial and heritage buildings. Through those years we’ve helped property owners and managers prevent timber decay, wall staining, cracked walls and other costly structural problems. In addition, better moisture regulation has also resulted in better indoor air quality.

We can start with a free no-obligation assessment so that we can immediately spot the problems (and prevent them from becoming worse and more expensive). Our professional technicians can then design a tailored system to maximise cross ventilation under the floors while also helping you save money upfront and in the long term (we use energy-saving installations with low operating costs).

For your immediate peace of mind, our installations come with a 5-year warranty. We’re confident that the fans, vents and ducts will endure the years because they’re built for our harsh Australian climate and environmental conditions. It’s especially the case here in Enfield where it’s located inland (a landlocked area where temperature and humidity levels are persistently high).

Whether your home or building is near the Aquatic Centre, Henley Park, Byer St, Tennyson St, Cooinoo Reserve or Llangollan Ave, we can come to you and assess the moisture levels and existing threats under your floors. This way, we can design the most cost-effective subfloor vent system for you. Our technicians will ensure a low-cost operation as well as aesthetic consistency with the dwelling or building (e.g. we install heritage vents and louvered vents depending on the building’s design).

Contact us today if you want your dwelling or building to have cost-effective protection against timber decay, rising damp, cracking of walls and other related structural damages. Our practical solutions are also great for maintaining good indoor air quality.