Earlwood Sub Floor Ventilation

Whether you have a building around Homer Street or you have a home in Earlwood, it’s crucial to protect your asset from rising damp, timber decay, warped floors and walls, musty smells and mould growth. It’s also important for structures near Clarke Street, Earlwood Hotel and buildings a bit near the Heynes Reserve, Hughes Park and other recreational places.

Earlwood sub floor ventilation

For a cost-effective and long-term solution, you can count on us here at Extract Air. We design and install passive and mechanical ventilation systems in new constructions and existing structures. Our experienced team tailors the solution according to each client’s requirements and budget.

Clients in Earlwood and the surrounds choose us because:

We’re now becoming more aware of the several threats to our respiratory health. Aside from coronaviruses, we also worry about mould growth because they release biotoxins that may even affect our brain and nervous system. This is an insidious threat that compromises everyone’s health especially those at their homes or people who stay inside for extended periods of time.

Aside from mould growth, we also have to think about the warping and cracking of walls and floors. It’s bad to see and they tell us of possible collapse and danger. Immediately we also realise how expensive it could be to repair the walls and floors. That money could have been spent on further improving the asset’s value or investing on other things that bring in money.

Phone us today at 0405 343 999 and together let’s stop mould growth and better protect your asset from costly damages and repairs. Here at Extract Air, we will first do a free on-site assessment so we can first know the moisture and condensation threats in your asset.