Dulwich Hill Sub Floor Ventilation

A practical and cost-effective sub floor ventilation can help protect your asset from rising damp, timber decay, warped and expanded floor, cracked walls, mould growth and musty smells. Whether it’s a structure on Wardell Road, Marrickville Road shopping area, Kintore Street or St Maroun’s College, you want your property to last long and you want to save money on repair costs in the future.

Dulwich sub floor ventilation

To help you save money in the long term and better protect your asset, the Extract Air team can design and install mechanical and passive ventilation systems. Whether it’s a new building or a Federation-style structure, we can tailor the solution according to your budget, requirements and preferred aesthetics.

Asset managers, developers and property owners choose us because:

It brings a high ROI because of the long-term operation and low running costs. You also save on costly repairs because you prevent the cracking of walls, paint and brickwork as well as the collapse of timber floors and foundations. And most importantly, you help protect the occupants’ respiratory health because you better control moisture levels (which prevent mould growth and musty smells).

Whether it’s a new, existing or old building, each is under the threat of rising damp and other moisture-related issues. Each passing week and months your asset might get more and more vulnerable to structural issues and mould growth. Don’t let this happen, here at Extract Air we can design a practical and cost-effective solution for you that will help you save money in the long run. Phone us today at 0405 343 999 for a free on-site assessment and no-obligation quote.