Drummoyne Sub Floor Ventilation

If you want to better protect your dwelling or building from rising damp, condensation, structural damages and mould growth, contact us today and we’ll do a free no-obligation assessment. The Extract Air team will install subfloor vent systems in your dwelling or building and ensure low operation costs.

Drummoyne sub floor ventilation

For more than 15 years we’ve been installing underfloor ventilation systems in residential and commercial buildings, whether a renovation or a new construction. Through those years we’ve also worked in heritage buildings.

Property owners and building managers choose us because:

It’s true that even with the best waterfront views, the buildings here can still get ugly because of condensation, rising damp and other moisture-related problems. These problems turn expensive because of how they damage the aesthetics and integrity of the walls, floors and ceilings.

To avoid the costly repairs and prolong the asset’s lifetime, one practical solution is having a cost-effective vent and fan system below the suspended timber and concrete floors. This system will quietly and effectively extract the stale air and introduce more fresh air in those areas. As a result, moisture and humidity levels will be better regulated (and that the building will have better indoor air quality).

Contact us today if you want to better protect your building’s structural integrity and ensure good indoor air quality. We can start with a free no-obligation assessment so that we can tailor the design and installation for you. We can get there shortly if you’re near the Birkenhead Point Outlet Centre, Victoria Rd, The Party People, St Bede’s Anglican Church, St Mark’s Primary School, The Oxford Hotel or Iron Cove Bridge. With our cost-effective installation and its resulting low operating costs, you’ll truly get the best value for years to come.