DIY Subfloor Ventilation Should Not Be Attempted


A DIY subfloor ventilation job sounds appealing. After all, what is subfloor ventilation but a simple set of holes made in the side of a house and, in some instances, a set of ventilation fans? It may seem achievable to do this yourself, but a DIY subfloor ventilation job should not be attempted by any means. If you’re in the market for subfloor ventilation, perhaps due to rising damp or the presence of mould, you should definitely hire a professional to help.

Subfloor ventilation experts will pay great attention to detail when renovating your underfloor areas. If you do the job yourself you are possibly going to miss several things that only a professional has the know-how to find. Things like mould, termites and structural damage can be avoided by hiring a professional. If you’re poking holes in the side of your house without experience it can lead to environmental problems like these becoming much worse.

When you get in contact with a professional subfloor ventilation specialist he or she will make precise measurements before cutting ventilation shafts in the side of your house. Cutting can be a very delicate process, so it pays to employ only the professionals and ensure that the job is done correctly. Uneven ventilation placement can impact the ventilation available under the house. This can lead to poor circulation and may even proliferate the mould or rising damp that you were hoping to remove in the first place.

Choosing the type of ventilation you employ can be quite tricky. Airflow measurements must be taken by a professional to determine whether natural or mechanical ventilation is required. A subfloor ventilation contractor will be able to make recommendations for a specific ventilation fan or vent size based on the soil quality, the location and the other environmental factors surrounding your home. Without a professional eye for detail, it’s possible that humid air won’t ventilate subfloor areas because of an improperly sized ventilation vent.

The subfloor space is one of the essential areas of your home, given the fact that it supports your floor as well as the entire building structure. A subfloor that is properly designed is going to protect your house from any kind of movement in the soil. The soil has the tendency to expand and contract as a result of changes in the amount of moisture. It can also move because of the weight of your house. The appropriate ventilation system will make sure that the structure of your property remains as is.

If your house is experience rising damp issues or mould growth, it is a great idea to call a professional subfloor ventilation contractor to take a look at the problem. They will be able to make precise recommendations regarding the ventilation under your house and install subfloor ventilation that controls the air flow in problematic areas of the home. Extract Air is open to talk to new customers between 8:00am and 6:00pm Monday to Friday. Please call Tim on 0405 343 999 to ask any questions or to arrange a site inspection and free quote.