Croydon Sub Floor Ventilation

Just minutes away from the Sydney central business district and being nestled between the commercial centres of Ashfield and Burwood, Croydon is a good place to live in and perhaps sustain a career or business for the long term. Transport is good here because of the Croydon railway station and bus services are reasonably plenty here which is why going in and out of the suburb is relatively easy. There’s also the Centenary Park and Blair Park if anyone wants to take a break from this fast-paced life. Everything is already here which is why many people choose to stay in Croydon for the next decades to come.

Croydon sub floor ventilation fans

This suburb is sure to attract more people and commercial opportunities because of its proximity to the City and the infrastructure already present. Residential and commercial premises including apartment buildings and old structures as well have really aged well through the years.

However, there’s an insidious threat that would result to costly repairs and potential health hazards. We’re talking about the lack of ventilation in the sub floor systems. This acts gradually and may result to the following:

Here at Extract Air we can install a range of mechanical exhaust fans, mechanical ventilation intake fans, high flow cement mesh vents, louvered grill vents and heritage vents. These sub floor ventilation and exhaust fan solutions can help:

For 15+ years the Extract Air team has been installing ventilation solutions to better protect the clients’ assets as well as the tenants’ health. Don’t wait for the signs and symptoms to show up and request for subfloor ventilation right away. If you’re already seeing the signs, it’s time to take action quickly. Contact us today here at Extract Air and we’ll do a thorough assessment of your structure and property.