Cremorne Sub Floor Ventilation

To prevent timber decay, cracked walls, mould growth and termite infestation, one practical and low-cost way is by having a subfloor ventilation system. With our tailored installation, your home or building will be protected from moisture- and damp-related issues that often start from under the suspended timber and concrete floor.

Cremorne sub floor ventilation

Customers in Lower North Shore often choose us because of our 15+ years of professional experience. We only install the highest-quality fans and vent systems specifically designed for our harsh Australian climate and environmental conditions.

Our tailored solutions for residential, commercial and heritage buildings have helped prevent the following:

Asset owners and property managers get the highest ROI because of our systems’ low running costs and long service life. Our solutions are built for continuous and long-term operations. And with the 5-year warranty we provide, our customers gain peace of mind because of fewer worries about the costs and future. This also demonstrates our confidence in the performance and longevity of our subfloor vent solutions.

Customers also see our installations as modern and practical because of the negligible noise and extremely low vibrations. Also, we have energy-saving solutions that further decrease the running costs while still ensuring adequate protection for the under floors.

Contact us today if you want to ensure a long-lasting, highly reliable and cost-effective underfloor ventilation system for your home or building (whether newly built, under planning and construction or an old structure). We can perform a no-obligation assessment in your property at Cremorne (including Wonga Rd, Ryries Parade, Grasmere Reserve, Cremorne Junction, Hampden Ave and Levick St).